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Leather Hard Bound Journal

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Gorgeous leather bound notebook with two leather bookmarks. 120 blank pages, acid free. Imprinted with the Designed For Joy logo on the lower right front. Reusable, once the book is filled, you can easily switch out to a new book. Great gift!

Leather characteristics:  This is a lightly oiled, distressed nubuck that has been burnished using a special machine. This gives the leather a smooth finish with a light pull up effect. This leather contains characteristics typical of natural hides which may include range marks, scratches, scars, brands, and dark blotches. This leather has color variations from darker to lighter. 3-3.5oz weight.

Measurements: 9” x 11 ½”


*Handcrafted in our Raleigh, NC Studio

*Leather is MADE IN THE USA

*Dual leather bookmarks

*This purchase provides 4 LIVING WAGE hours for a vulnerable woman