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Gold scarf changes in different colorful patterns.
Gray, black leopard print scarf chain.
Black and brown leopard print scarf chain
Gold links and brown scarf chain.
Black heart on cream background scarf chain.
Pink floral scarf chain.
Blue and pink floral scarf chain.
Gold and blue plaid scarf chain.
Navy, green and gold plaid scarf chain.
Peach, green and white plaid scarf chain.
Gold coins with aqua scarf chain.
Scarf Chain Strap 22"
Scarf Chain Strap 22"
Scarf Chain Strap 22"

Scarf Chain Strap 22"

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Our new Scarf Chain Straps will compliment your favorite bags!

These 22” gold link chains come with an interwoven satin scarf and an array of patterns to add some sunshine to your outfit. From florals to plaids, to leopard, you will find something to make your look blossom.  This scarf chain strap also comes in 13'" length.  

Fitted with an easy, take on take off, clasp for interchanging between looks. Scarf is removable and can be used to accessorize other items.  Add multiple to enrich your Classic Collection bags or any of our Mix and Match Collection.

This excludes Louise, Lottie, and Inez due to their non-removable handles.