50 women voting on how we spend $100,000

2022, Your Year of Impact


Photo by Brittany Creasman

Become more aware.  Serve with courage.  Advocate for women.

Use the platform and community of Designed For Joy to practice your purpose and experiment in leading and living on mission in 2022. 

Our Commitment to You
- Providing you with experiences to deepen your knowledge on social justice issues such as human trafficking, racial equality, gender, immigration, migrant workers, prison reentry and/or poverty.
- Access to reliable resources such as books, tools, and local experts
- Sharing our platform for you to flex skills and talents
- Walking alongside you to encourage your faith and your influence 

Your Commitment to Us
- Participation in discussions
- Participation in service projects and local missions
- 5 hours a month volunteering for Designed For Joy
- Personal journaling
- Leading portions of teaching and leading
- Fundraising for Designed For Joy

Limited to 25 women for this team. 

Responses from our 2021 team...

"This checks all my boxes for 2021. Investing in myself, serving my city, and learning more about justice issues. Thank you for creating this space!"

"I want to be able to tell my children not what I learned, but what I did about social justice issues in 2020."

"I want to focus on something bigger than myself this year, and something outside my own house."


Join us!

Fill out the form below and join us for one of our interest meetings. Zoom links will be emailed to you.

Zoom interest meetings (allow for about 30 mins)

Wednesday, December 15 at 12pm
Thursday, December 16 at 6pm
Friday, December 17 at 12pm


Email us directly for more information here.