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                                          Photo by Amber Foster Smith Photography


“I come to workshops thinking I would bless others, but I always leave feeling like they blessed me.” DFJ Volunteer

“Working for Designed For Joy gives me so much peace.”  DFJ Artisan, a mother at 12 years old


Thank you for your interest in joining the DFJ Team!

There are so many ways you can come alongside us:
Volunteer at a Workshop
Host an Event
Become a Joy Ambassador
Join our Hospitality Team
Bring Lunch to a Workshop

If you aren’t sure what you can do, let’s talk! It might be the very thing you do every day at work or at home is just the help we could use.

Guidelines for Volunteering:
Being on time is very important and sets a work ethic standard for our artisans. Allow time for traffic.
Parking at the studio is free street parking, please do not park in front of the studio doors or in front of a home.
We are work side by side with our artisans to build trust and community.
Be yourself. Make natural conversation.
We ask that you not take pictures of our artisans.
Please do share your experience with DFJ on social and with friends, but without using specific names of artisans.
Please come to workshops perfume and smoke free, no scented lotion on hands so that our home decor and jewelry pieces remain fragrance free.
Please do not gift artisans without talking with the DFJ board first.
Please do not pursue relationships outside DFJ work experiences without speaking to DFJ staff first. We do not want to undermine
 the work that our ministry partners are doing long term.
Feel free to offer sound advice and biblical truths to artisans.
Workshop lunch is sometimes provided by DFJ. If you would like to bring lunch, please let us know!
Agreeing to volunteer for a Designed For Joy workshop or volunteering in any way releases Designed For Joy from responsibilities and liabilities for injury.

Krista Martin is our volunteer coordinator. She will be in touch regarding scheduling.

Please be praying for Designed For Joy! Pray before your time with us. Pray that there would be connections made and stories shared. Pray that DFJ staff, volunteers, and artisans would work well together, that our business would be profitable to continue offering living wage jobs, and that our work would glorify God.

Serving should be fun- enjoy yourself!

Thank you for impacting the marketplace with us.

The DFJ Team