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Gift Guide for Teachers

Teacher gifts can be hard to perfect, but when you invest in both women in need and your children's education, you can't go wrong!

    If you are looking for something that can hold all your favorite teachers school supplies this season, look no further than this sustainably sourced Sustainable Makeup Bag! With a zippered pocket, perfect for smaller things like paperclips, and individual slots, just the right size for writing utensils. This is a perfect gift for an organized teacher.

      A coin purse is always useful, so why not gift your favorite teacher one that gives back? These Hair On Coin Purses are made with responsibly sourced leather and make beautiful gifts.

        Sometimes, great gifts come in small packages. Even better, get the teachers in your life a small gift they can always carry with them! Our Hair On Leather Key Chains are beautifully crafted with responsibly sourced leather and are sure to put a smile on any teachers face!