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Join Us Monthly | Be a Part of this Life-Changing Work


Friends of Designed For Joy,

You have embraced our mission of providing immediate, competitive pay for women emerging from vulnerable situations. As we approach our seventh anniversary of serving women in crisis, we want to share some incredible milestones made possible by your support.

To date, Designed For Joy has hired 149 women, including 19 this year alone. In 2024, we provided 4,084 payroll hours at $16 an hour, totaling $65,345 in wages earned. This impact is monumental, yet the need is ongoing—we have just completed a waitlist of 14 women.

We are proud to share that 91% of the women in our primary program have moved on to permanent work.

Seeing our participants find security and stability is the change we strive for, benefiting not only them but also their families.

I am personally inviting you to be part of this life-changing work by becoming a monthly giver.

Here’s why monthly giving can make an even greater difference:


  • Sustained Impact: Your ongoing support ensures that we can continue our programs and services without interruption.
  • Affordability: Smaller monthly donations are more manageable and can add up to a significant contribution over time.
  • Convenience: Set up automatic donations once and know that you’re consistently making a difference.
  • Deeper Connection: Receive special recognition as a valued member of our community.

See just how much impact your monthly gift will make:

  • $16 provides one hour of competitive pay
  • $32 provides one hour of competitive pay and the materials to cover an hour of work and job training
  • $80 provides one day of work for a woman
  • $320 provides one week of work in our primary program (20 hours for one woman) 
  • $640 provides pay for one week of work and the materials for work and job training
  • $1,260 provides one month of work for a woman

Please consider becoming a monthly giver. Your generosity will provide continuous support and hope for those who need it most.

Thank you for your dedication and compassion,
Cary Heise, Cofounder and Executive Director