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Current Job Openings

Make a special impact in the community with your next professional role.

Designed For Joy is Raleigh based nonprofit serving women in crisis. Our retail staff and sales provide the financial support to continue eliminating the stigma of vulnerability by providing living wage, dignified work.

We are currently accepting applications for two retail positions, both require 20-25 hours a week with some weekend and evening hours. The physical ability to move 20-25 pounds is required. While we are a Christian faith-based organization, all are encouraged to apply. We are in a growth period and seek team members who see value in our mission, accept challenges with confidence and kindness, and can quickly adjust to the needs of the business. The work environment is friendly and supportive.

See job descriptions and applications below. Responsibilities are not limited to those tasks listed.

- Storefront Manager 
- Part Time Retail Sales Associate


DFJ Mission

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability.

Our Values

The core values underpinning our mission are: Communication, Hospitality, Advocacy, Inclusivity, and Respect (C.H.A.I.R.). We aim to have a C.H.A.I.R. available for every woman in crisis who needs a safe and dignified job. 

  • Communication - We model and encourage active listening, understand the need for and provide clear and concise direction, all in a completely transparent environment. 
  • Hospitality - We are deeply committed to helping all those we serve, from clients to volunteers to members of our community, find personal satisfaction at Designed For Joy.
  • Advocacy - We strive to amplify the voices of those often overlooked or marginalized in our communities and seek to create social awareness and change.
  • Inclusivity - We recognize the unique design and variability of each human.
  • Respect - We affirm by leading with truth, honesty, empathy, and grace that each individual belongs.


Storefront Retail Manager

The ideal candidate would have retail management experience including financial goal setting, creating and executing marketing campaigns, merchandising, excellent communication skills, passion for team building, extraordinary hospitality, strong organizational skills, and the ability and willingness to quickly pivot around the needs of the business in a fast-paced environment.

Retail Operations

Approve schedule for retail staff on weekly basis
Train all staff to care for customers - in person, phone and email
Stay up to date on Shopify and manage all reports needed to demonstrate sales
Oversee merchandising of products in shop
Supervise the fulfilling of online orders and customer requests
Open, close and maintain shop appearance when needed
Create a system to track and document cash sales for petty cash and deposits

Hire and Train Staff

Recruit and hire retail staff
With the help of the Assistant Manager, train new staff and volunteers
Maintain shop binder with policies and procedures for staff
Welcome and train volunteers

Maintain Inventory

Communicate with Production on a weekly basis about level of inventory and products being made and replaced
Keep Shopify up to date with inventory levels
Complete Product Page for non DFJ products in Shopify
Complete Product Page for all new DFJ products, including description, image and price
Supervise the moving of products from Production to Retail by checking for quality issues

Events and Marketing

Create yearly calendar and communicate with leadership on events (in house and out) that involve retail shop and retail staff
Supervise the preparations and planning for all events
Plan and prep for LIVE sales
Facilitate in planning photography sessions for new products or style shots
Aid in creating IG stories around the shop and involving retail products

Manage Financial Obligations

Create yearly retail and wholesale  goals and maintain spreadsheet of data
Discuss monthly retail goals with leadership and staff
Communicate daily/monthly/yearly sales with production team and artisans
Create and plan promotions, events, and programs to increase sales


Part Time Retail Sales Associate

Retail Operations

Customer care in person, on phone and through emails
Learn Shopify (software platform) to manage all retail responsibilities
Complete in person sales in a timely manner
Fulfill online orders and ship
Set up and close down shop
Maintain cleanliness in the retail area, bathroom, kitchen and common spaces
Manage and plan tasks for shop volunteers

Maintain Stock 

Manage inventory from workshop
Keep inventory up to date in Shopify
Create barcodes for inventory
Communicate levels of stock and needs of inventory to Storefront Manager

Display and Merchandise Items

Keep clean the retail area
Keep displays well stocked and attractive
Organize for vendor events and porch parties


Plan and prepare for photography sessions
Create IG stories while in the retail space to market new products
Prep for vendor events, Porch Parties and Live sales

General Duties

Support Designed For Joy leadership and storefront management
Advocate for our nonprofit with fundraising and recruiting volunteers
Show hospitality to everyone person walking in our doors


Complete the application below and DFJ leadership will be in touch with next steps. If you need assistance, please email us here.

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