50 women voting on how we spend $100,000

Become a Member of the DFJ Giving Circle -Launched April 2023

Photos by Anna Teem Photography 


Designed For Joy Founding Giving Circle members
Melanie Freshour, Shanon Baggett, Bernette Stivers, Malinda Stevenson, Cari Combs, Ruth Payne, Rachel Withers, Erin Treece, Tomiko Lane, Terri Cabot, Shana Overdorf, Taralyn Farrell, Abigail Roush, Stephanie Akerman, Alison Edwards, Beverly Dudley, Cathy Vogt, Kathi Prancan, Cristina Butler. Yvonne Veach, Melissa Buscher, Sabina Beri, April Blanks

50 women. $100,000.

Where you put your money is important- to you and your community.

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We are looking for a sponsor who is excited about founding a very profitable and impactful project. Learn more about sponsoring by emailing us here!

Designed For Joy’s Founding Giving Circle invites 50+ women to launch a $100,000 fundraising goal in 12 months. A new service group for women wanting to make an impact, with little time commitment and high influence.

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability.

To date, we have hired over 100 women with $300,000 in living wages earned.

Give personally or fundraise to support your pledge of $2,000. 
$2,000 per person. $500 quarterly. $167 monthly. Just $42 a week.

Your donation helps to directly impact the bottom line and impact of Designed For Joy. 

Founding Giving Circle members’ experience will include:

  • Four quarterly voting meetings in the DFJ studio
  • Intimate story telling of artisans
  • Name posted in the studio and on our website
  • Private shopping event at Christmas, open house for friends and colleagues 
  • Quarterly reports on spending 
  • Quarterly stakeholder newsletter
  • Community of women invested in changing the lives of trafficking survivors, single mothers under the poverty line, women experiencing homelessness, and support fair chance work for those with previous justice involvement
  • Opportunity for leadership roles including chair committees
  • No additional volunteer or giving requirement

“I already volunteer, but I want to be more involved.”

Vote on how we spend $25,000 quarterly.

As the year goes on, needs for the studio and our women will change. You decide on expenses such as

  • Purchase materials for producing all of our Christmas goods
  • Serve all women with a wheelchair lift at the studio
  • Provide 3 months of pay for 6 artisans
  • Fund new machines in the production space
  • Better serve our women with a case manager on staff


An option for women who don’t have a lot of time but want to make a real impact.


Meeting Dates are April 25, September 26,  November 28 and February 27
Times 6:30pm
Friends and Family Open House May 16
Special Christmas Open House October 26
It is not required to attend each meeting. See Guidelines below.


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    2. Start your giving by making your first donation or creating a peer to peer fundraising page here.

    Guidelines and Procedures

    1. All leadership positions and members have support of Cary Heise, Executive Director, and Grace Morris, Executive Assistant
    2. April meeting voting funds limited to $25,000. Other meetings to be determined by the Circle.
    3. All events are held in person to create and foster community. 
    4. Make sure to check with employer to explore company match options.
    5. Rolling memberships with a 12 month commitment.


    Meeting Agendas

    April 25, 6:30pm

      • State of DFJ
      • Artisan Story
      • Vote on
        • President (leads meetings, encourages the group on fundraising, plans agendas for meetings)
        • Vice President (Propose what we’re voting on quarterly, liaison between DFJ Leadership and Giving Circle)
        • Treasurer (Updates group on fundraising goals, reminds and encourages individual fundraising goals)
        • Secretary (Takes meeting minutes, sends out post meeting notes and reports, updates from last meeting)
        • Events Co-Chairs (October Open House, Set the studio for evening meetings, ensure refreshments are taken care of for each meeting)
        • Recruitment Co-Chairs (Introduce new member and organize recruitment efforts)
    • Quarterly Vote
    • Fundraising tips 

    Friends and Family Open House Tuesday, May 16, 6-8pm (Invite friends in to tour, shop, and learn more about what you're fundraising for) 

    September 26, 6:30pm

    • Updates since April 
    • Plan for October Open House (Each person brings different items)
    • Quarterly Vote 
    • Survivor-led makers event 

    Giving Circle Open House: Thursday, October 26, 6-8pm  (Invite friends in to tour and shop for Christmas) 

    November 28, 6:30pm- Bring a friend event

    • DFJ End of Year Updates
    • Insight scope around prepping for our most profitable 8-weeks of the year
    • Recommit for next year’s Giving Circle
    • Quarterly Vote 

    February 27, 6:30pm

    • Celebration of raising $100,000 
    • Quarterly Vote 

      Email us here with questions on the Designed For Joy Giving Circle or volunteering.