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The Benefits of Wholesale- Why Retailers Should Consider Designed For Joy Wholesale for Their Business

An overlooked strategy for retailers is securing a genuine wholesale partnership. In today's competitive market, optimizing operations, boosting sales and ensuring customer satisfaction is crucial. So why should retailers integrate Designed For Joy Wholesale into their business model?    


Discount Pricing: 

One of the advantages of collaborating with wholesalers is to gain access to discounted pricing. At Designed For Joy, our wholesale prices go even deeper, offering 60% off compared to other wholesalers. This allows retailers to increase their profit margins and positively impact their bottom line.

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Consistent Product Supply:

Designed For Joy ensures a consistent supply of products which will reduce the risk of out of stock merchandise and allow retailers to meet customer demand effectively. 

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“I placed my first order with Designed For Joy at the Atlanta Market. I received my first shipment and my customers were buying the products before I even got them unpacked.” Nora and Co., Cashiers, NC


Wider Product Variety:

Retailers can have access to a diverse range of products allowing the expansion of offerings in their shop. This variety enables retailers to stay competitive in the market and attract a broader customer base.

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“Designed For Joy was the first brand I partnered with and are one of my best selling brands for a reason. All of their products are well made and popular with customers.” Erica, Raleigh, NC


Business Support Services:

In addition to providing products at discounted rates, Designed For Joy offers valuable support to retailers. These services include marketing assistance, product training and after-sales support. By leveraging these resources, retailers can enhance their operations, improve product knowledge among staff and deliver better customer service.

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“Great customer service, communication and response with Designed For Joy. They will be a regular in my shop.” Mingus Leather, Topeka, KS


Building Valuable Business Relationships:

Establishing a partnership with Designed For Joy can lead to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. By working with us, retailers can gain insights into industry trends and access custom products which are not available in the retail space.



“I was excited to partner with Designed for Joy Wholesale and share their mission while offering affordable, beautiful handbags and leather goods at a reasonable price point for my business. Customers know they are making a difference with every purchase and that has led to an increased customer base for my shop.” Najla’s Boutique, Blowing Rock, NC


Designed For Joy welcomes retailers looking to thrive in today's competitive market landscape. Please fill out this simple form and one of our Wholesale Representatives will be in touch to personally discuss how you can start selling Designed For Joy in your space.