50 women voting on how we spend $100,000

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We get it!

There are a lot of people and organizations doing good work. Choosing to support a nonprofit should be very intentional and should be an organization you are super passionate about.

When you give to Designed For Joy, it's essential to know just how much impact your purchase or contribution can make.

Donating to DFJ brings positive change:
  • You are supporting women in a very personal action right here in the United States--in Raleigh, North Carolina, to be exact.
  • You offer sustainable help through a transitional work experience that launches confident and empowered women into the job market.
  • You support a mindful, global supply chain, as all of our leather materials are ethically sourced.
  • You support a mission that is faith-based on Christian love. Love in action, bringing hope and joy to, not only the women served, but the women, men and families that serve alongside our community and with us. 

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