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Hiring Designer | Raleigh


Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability. To date, we have hired over 130 women with $500,000 in living wages earned. The job training we provide is around building our brand of leather handbags, jewelry, and home decor.

Our million dollar nonprofit relies heavily on the development and production of new designs. Our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kristen Sydow, is growing our team by adding an Assistant Designer. 

Hiring Designer
Designed For Joy

JOB TITLE: Designer
PAY: $40-50,000, 40hrs/week, Monday through Friday
LOCATION: 517 West Cabarrus St. Suite A, Raleigh NC 27603
REPORTS TO: Creative Director

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability.


Designer will design new products for the Designed For Joy product line. manage all production operations and staff, ensuring work is available for all Artisans and products are designed and produced for market and customers. Scheduling production quantities and then reporting on performance of the strategic goals.


  1. Design & Sewing knowledge: Must have design experience, ability to source materials, design products, make patterns and cost out products.

  2. Must know how to sew, and be comfortable trouble-shooting sewing machine issues. Can teach someone how to use a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, thread the machine, etc.

  3. Comfortable in a Christian faith-based setting where prayer and devotion are part of the workday.

  4. Management experience: able to lead and manage 10-12 women working on multiple tasks.

Characteristics needed:

Positive leader: ability to encourage Production Coordinators and Artisans, direct conversations, always pointing them to the Word.
Problem solver: ability to find solutions that arise instead of finding more problems.
Self motivated: does not wait for others to initiate work. Sees things around them that need to be worked on, and initiates work.
Team player: Ability to work well with other department staff in a positive, uplifting manner.
Detail oriented: must be able to perform quality control on product, giving constructive feedback to maintain the highest quality.


1. Designing:

Research innovative product ideas. Research color trends. Work with Director and Designers to solidify new concept items/colors. Coordinate sourcing/design activities with Designers. Create samples/prototypes of new products to review with the Creative Director. Product Development: Create patterns for all products, including templates for earrings and pattern pieces for sewn products. Research and locate ethical sources for all materials. Write up a Bill of Material for each product with clear instructions on how to produce. Do a cost analysis of each product to determine labor cost and wholesale/retail price.

2. Procurement:

Ordering all materials for each product, from the many sources we have online. Processing returns when necessary. Manage vendor relationships (Weaver Leather, Sunshine Hides, Tandy Leather, etc) and partnerships (Scrap Exchange). Visiting Scrap Exchange for materials review and donation. Track all receipts for Accounting and add to dropbox.

3. Inventory & Reporting:

Manage inventory at shop; both finished goods inventory (adding finished product) and raw materials inventory (findings, leather, zippers, thread, etc). Troubleshoot malfunctions of tools or machines. Purchase tools needed for production. Must report quarterly on performance goals and achievements and share with staff.

4. Human Resources:

Interview potential artists. Review all hiring paperwork with new artisans. Ensure they get into Gusto for payroll. Handle any Artisan paperwork needs (Letters of Recommendation, Proof of Employment, letters for housing and daycare vouchers). Approve hours biweekly for payroll. Make sure we hire the amount of women we are budgeted for.

5. Production flow/Workshop management:

Create a production schedule of products needed to produce and review with the Production Coordinator. Ensure that work flows smoothly between cutting/sewing/finishing Prepare supplies and tools needed for daily workshops. Create a welcoming, positive, encouraging environment for artisans. Facilitate devotion, time of sharing, and prayer with artisans and volunteers. Teach Production Coordinators how to produce each new product, from sewing to cutting leather. Review artisan & volunteer's production for quality control and continuing artisan skill improvement. Encourage Artisans, coach them on good practices.


Design and sewing experience is a must. Must be a team player and work together with other Artisans and Production Coordinators to communicate clearly and positively to encourage a safe and uplifting environment for all. Must be sober, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No Smoking before or during your shift.


Must have good grip strength and be able to stand, move around, and lift up to 15 lbs. Good hand eye coordination is required. Fine motor skills required. Good vision. Must be able to climb 15 stairs.

Approved by:
Kristen Sydow, Co-Founder & Creative Director, 1/11/24

A native New Yorker, Kristen is a city girl who is most comfortable among skyscrapers, concrete sidewalks, and lots of people. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, textiles is her love language.  Serving women locally through Designed For Joy, as well as internationally through mission trips, gives Kristen the opportunity to be the church that Jesus calls us to be.


Submit your questions and resume to Kristen Sydow here.