50 women voting on how we spend $100,000

Raleigh Nonprofit Impact, Designed For Joy 2020 in Review

In the year of Covid-19, 2020, our community supported us in amazing ways.

We were able to:

  • Hire 8 women
  • Increase our product sales by $100,000 over 2019
  • Marked a milestone of giving $100,000 in living wages 
  • Increase payroll by 15% over 2019

Because of the strong support we received, at the beginning of 2021 we increased our hourly pay to $15 from $13.76 and began a day-work program for homeless women not able to commit to long-term work earning immediate funds.

We believe Designed For Joy offers sustainable help for our communities most vulnerable women. Your support allows us to continue to serve Raleigh in this unique way. 

Join us.

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