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Triangle Designers Donate Time to Create with Designed For Joy | Press Release



Photos by Anna Haddock


Invest in Women—Influence Change

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug., 14, 2020–From the virus pandemic to social injustice, our community is in need. Take comfort that during these challenging times, many in our area are willing to join together and make a difference. One such successful event paired designers and businesses from around the Triangle to benefit the Designed For Joy organization in their mission to help Triangle women overcome vulnerable situations such as trafficking, prison, and overcoming addiction.

This uniquely creative gathering shared sponsorship from three area businesses. Creative Business Interiors, creativebusinessnc.com, a commercial furniture dealership, Jennie Hagenberger, with National Furniture, who also provided the fabric used throughout the evening, and Laura Skinner, with Momentum Fabric, helped anchor the evening.

Creative Business Interiors newly remodeled showroom served as the backdrop for the Aug., 6th 2020 occasion. "At Creative Business Interiors, we have always believed in doing whatever we can to give back to the community as all of our events are charitable in nature. What a perfect group to bring together through the design community and Designed for Joy," said Organizer Tim Smirl, Creative Business Interiors. 

While learning more about DFJ's mission, the participants put their skills to good use by cutting donated fabric for DFJ products and even helped sew a few items. Brooke Allen, DFJ Storefront Manager, noted the positively charged energy attendees brought to the event, "The designers enjoyed hearing about our work and cutting fabric, so much so that the event ran later than planned." Allen further noted one of the highlights was receiving donated bolts of gorgeous fabric to use for other products and the generous gift of a much-needed sewing machine to DFJ.

The attendees worked on a specific new tote design that is labor-intensive. "A large skilled group like this helped us get a big jump on production," said Kristen Sydow, Designed For Joy co-founder and designer who led the workshop. Attendees included a cross-section of Raleigh's premier Architectural Interior Design Firms, including IA Interior Architects, interiorarchitects.com, RATIO Raleigh Studio, ratiodesign.com, and LS3P, ls3p.com. Also in attendance were representatives from UNC Chapel Hill University and JLL /Cisco, jllcampaigns.com.

Sydow added that the invitation to be at this event and having the support from a professional community such as this brought their organization enormous encouragement. "Inviting Designed For Joy to bring our products to sell and to share our mission, along with receiving donated materials, was wonderful. But then to also see so many volunteers cutting fabric for our artisans to sew and complete the products was genuinely heartwarming." 

After the successful turnout, the organizers discussed planning future events that could take place throughout the year. "The evening was a great success, all for an amazing group of women," added Smirl. 



About Designed For Joy

Designed For Joy is a transitional work experience for women coming from trafficking, homelessness, time in prison, overcoming addiction or other vulnerable situations. We provide living wage work hours while building confidence and refreshing resumes. 


The women who create our brand with us are those living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and/or food and housing insecurities. We partner with long-running ministries or local NGOs serving women that may be coming out of trafficking, emergency situations, generational poverty, homelessness, rehab, or prison. We believe in a community approach. In this holistic care approach, we take the vocational resource component while our professional partners do what they do best.



Purchase with purpose. Provide living wage work for Raleigh's most vulnerable women. Shop here.