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Volunteer Coordinator, Part Time Position Open, Raleigh Nonprofit


As the Volunteer Coordinator, you play a crucial role as the initial point of contact for those discovering the mission of Designed For Joy. With a community of 1100 volunteers, including 400 active members and a recorded 4,000 hours this year alone, we are seeking an individual with excellent communication and organizational skills. The ideal candidate should exude warm hospitality both in-person and online, possess a flair for crafting engaging emails and social media posts, and thrive in a high-energy, rapidly growing nonprofit environment.

Platforms used for this role

  • Network for Good - Donor and Volunteer Management
  • Webmail
  • SignUp - Scheduling for shifts
  • Facebook 
  • Activate Good - Partnership and Volunteer Recruitment  

This role requires 5 hours a week on average. 

Experience $16 per hour, benefit from a flexible schedule, and receive a generous employee discount on products.

Our Mission and Values

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability.

To date, we have hired over 130 women with $450,000 in living wages earned.

We aim to have a C.H.A.I.R. available for every woman in crisis who needs a safe and dignified job. Our values are:

Communication - Active listening. Clear & concise direction. Complete transparency. 
Hospitality - Commitment to personal satisfaction among all served.
Advocacy - Passionate voice for the unheard. Creating social awareness and change.
Inclusive - Recognize human uniqueness and variability and design within it.
Respect - Affirm belonging. Lead with truth, honesty, empathy, and grace.

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Role Summary: The Designed For Joy Volunteer Coordinator will be a passionate person who has a desire to build & equip a volunteer team for the organization. They will have high relational and organizational skills. The volunteer coordinator will recruit & train volunteers, along with keeping up with daily/weekly communication. They will be the liaison for the leadership team & board, providing proper communication & making sure all the needs are being met for the organization. He/She should have an understanding of the mission behind Designed For Joy and understands the power of effective hospitality through engaging with volunteers & providing a welcoming environment.

Goal: The goal is to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals, and that they are correctly utilized for the fulfillment of our mission.

Essential duties/responsibilities:
● Point of contact for current/future volunteers
● Motivated & organized self-starter
● Source & recruit volunteers through various techniques (databases, email, social media, etc.)
● Support events through providing a team of volunteers
● Produce schedules for volunteers
● Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information and assignments
● Εnsure the purpose of the organization and its actions is clearly communicated
● Create innovative training opportunities for volunteers to stay refreshed throughout the year
● Create email templates for various events & engagements

Other specific duties & responsibilities:
● Looking ahead at events & planning accordingly to schedule volunteer
● Sending Thank You cards to volunteers
● Regular emails touching base with volunteers
● Monthly volunteer connect meetings
● Brainstorm creative group service projects
● Stay connected to leaders, build relationships & know needs
● Help support vendor events by providing volunteers
● Affirm & support the mission of Designed For Joy
● Seek opportunities for self development & a growing understanding of nonprofits

Skills & abilities:
● Organized & multi-tasker
● Relational
● Strategic Thinker
● Adaptable & flexible

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