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Designed For Joy Volunteer Guidelines

As a volunteer you will be working side by side with our artisans. We encourage you to build relationships with the artisans around these guidelines. 

  • Keeping our artisans' identities confidential is very important to us. Please no pictures of the artisans. 
  • To support our mission partners, please do not pursue relationships with artisans outside of DFJ. If you would like to give a gift to an artisan please talk with DFJ leadership.
  • Please share your experience with DFJ on social media and with friends (keeping artisans’ identities off of social media)  
  • We are creating a professional work environment. Please be on time for your volunteer shift and limit phone use. 
  • Dress modestly and appropriately for the position you are filling. 
    • No tank tops, sleeveless shirts or shorts
    • No strong fragrances (lotions, perfumes, smoke, pets, etc)
  • Lunch is provided on Mondays for artisans and volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to provide a lunch please let us know.
  • Feel free to lovingly offer sound advice and biblical truths in your conversations with the artisans. Sometimes a listening ear is more encouraging than any advice we can give. 
  • When volunteering at the studio, please park in the farthest point of the parking lot to give visitors close parking.