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Year of Impact Team Hosts Poverty Simulation at Designed For Joy April 6


Photo by Brittany Creasman

You are invited to join us April 6 at 5pm for the Poverty Simulation at the Designed For Joy. 
517 W Cabarrus St., Suite A

The Poverty Simulation experience promotes poverty awareness, increase understanding, transform perspective and inspire local change. Poverty is a reality for many individuals and families. But unless you’ve experienced poverty, it’s difficult to truly understand. The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) bridges that gap from misconception to understanding. CAPS is an interactive immersion experience. It sensitizes community participants to the realities of poverty. - Junior League of Raleigh

We need all who commit to this event to show up. Everyone will have an assigned role and there is a minimum number we need to successfully complete the simulation. If you or your guest cancels, please find a sub by inviting another friend. This program is owned by the Junior League purchased from United Way.

This event is free to you. The fee for this program is $500 but is covered by the fundraising of the 2022 Year of Impact team. If you'd like, you can make a donation here. 

- Expect to be together until 8pm.
- Eat a little something before you come.
- Please allow time for traffic to arrive on time. Free street parking at the intersection.
- We'll be watching for updated masks guidelines and will support DFJ's leadership to protect our women and community.  

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Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability.

To date, we have hired 73 women with $200,000 in living wages earned. 

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