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Large Leather Tote Bag ***FREE SHIPPING***
Large Leather Tote Bag ***FREE SHIPPING***
Large Leather Tote Bag ***FREE SHIPPING***
Large Leather Tote Bag ***FREE SHIPPING***

Large Leather Tote Bag ***FREE SHIPPING***

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100% Leather
100% Hand crafted
100% Ethically sourced
100% Durable and rugged
100% Made in Raleigh, NC
100% Empowering women

You don’t have to baby this tote. Give it all you’ve got, and it will come out looking even BETTER than it started.  This Kodiak oil-tanned leather is as rugged as its name implies, and made to last. The pronounced grain on this leather is attractive and gives character to the tote, but don't be fooled by the good looks. This leather is tough and durable. 

We designed this bag for everyday use. Special thought was given to how deep it is, how wide it is, and how much room there is in the handle drop. Stitched with quality, and finished with 16 hand-set gold rivets for durability and shine.  Handles and inside pocket are made from the same gorgeous Kodiak leather as the bag. The pocket is large enough for your phone, and other items you want to keep handy. Strong snap closure at the top, so you have the option to close your tote. We purposefully left the bag unlined so you could enjoy the beautifully sueded leather interior. Gold D ring on the inside is perfect for hanging your keys, and our DFJ logo keychain comes with the bag! 

Purchasing this bag is equivalent to 18hrs of living wage for a DFJ artist.

Tote: 14”H x 18”W x 7”D

Handle Drop length: 10.5”
Interior pocket: 10” x 7”
Leather weight/thickness: 4 to 5 oz.

Each bag is unique. Hides may include imperfections such as variances in color, small scratches, and, if you are lucky, maybe even a brand mark. In our opinion, the more imperfections, the more unique and beautiful the bag. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.