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Employee Appreciation Gifts | Custom Employee Incentive Products Supporting Women in Crisis


In today's socially conscious business landscape, it's not just about offering employee incentives and reward gifts, but also making a positive impact on society. Imagine providing your team with motivational and performance rewards that not only inspire and appreciate their efforts but also empower women in crisis. With our custom logo leather products, you can achieve both goals simultaneously. Our brand is committed to supporting living wage work for women in crisis, creating a win-win scenario for your business and those in need.

Customizable gift products include Leather Desk Valet Trays, Zero Waste Leather Coasters, Leather Cord Organizers, Sustainable Wood Charcuterie Boards, Leather Journals, and more!

Employee Incentives and Reward Gifts
Our custom logo leather products serve as exceptional employee incentives and reward gifts. When employees go above and beyond, recognizing their achievements with these premium items can have a lasting impact. Whether it's for hitting targets, reaching milestones, or celebrating work anniversaries, our products make meaningful recognition gifts that your team will cherish.

Customize our leather and wood products with your business logo. The heat stamp is $150. Simply send us a vector file of your graphic and we'll keep this stamp on file for all future gifting. 

Employee Appreciation and Recognition
Demonstrating employee appreciation is vital for fostering a positive work environment. By providing custom logo leather products, you not only show your employees that their hard work is valued but also contribute to the cause of empowering women in crisis. Our achievement gifts and recognition items are designed to convey gratitude and inspire a sense of pride among your employees.


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Employee Engagement and Wellness
Engaged employees are the backbone of any successful business. Our custom logo leather products can play a pivotal role in enhancing employee engagement. By offering these unique items as part of incentive programs and employee wellness initiatives, you create a workplace culture that prioritizes employee satisfaction and well-being.

Building a Loyal Workforce
Employee loyalty is a valuable asset for any organization. By providing distinctive employee loyalty gifts that align with your brand, you can foster a deeper connection with your team. Our custom logo leather products showcase your commitment to supporting women in crisis, making a statement about your brand values and inspiring loyalty among employees.

When it comes to employee incentives, rewards, and recognition, our custom logo leather products offer a unique proposition. Not only do they elevate your brand image and express appreciation to your employees, but they also contribute to a meaningful cause. By supporting living wage work for women in crisis, you make a positive social impact while reaping the benefits of a motivated and engaged workforce. Choose our custom logo leather products and let your brand become a catalyst for change. Together, we can create a better future for women in crisis and empower your business at the same time.

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