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Ethical, Sustainable, and Responsible Gifting

Do you have someone special in your life who is passionate about supporting women and our planet? Here at Designed For Joy, we provide living wage work to women emerging from vulnerable situations and create gorgeous products that are ethically and responsibly sourced.
Charcuterie Boards | Locally Sourced Wood

Our charcuterie boards are handcrafted from locally-grown North Carolina black walnut wood and ambrosia maple wood. Our artisans sand, oil, and attach leather handles with brass hardware to each board. We are proud to be able to create uniquely gorgeous boards that are locally and responsibly sourced from start to finish.

What does locally sourced mean?
Locally sourced means that goods are produced and consumed close to where they originated. In the case of our charcuterie boards, the wood we use is sourced from Wake and Durham County. Buying locally sourced helps reduce our carbon footprint by using less transportation and other resources.



Leather Cord Organizer | Zero Waste Accessories
Our zero waste, leather cord organizer is made from leftover scraps of leather that are too small to use for our larger products. We love being able to reduce our waste and create useful products.

What does zero waste mean?
Zero waste means to reduce waste by using all available materials. Our leather cord organizer ensures that we make the most out of our leather. Buying zero waste products helps reduce waste on our beautiful planet.


Eden Antler Necklace | Ethically Sourced Jewelry
Our Eden Antler Necklace is made from naturally shed antlers and is hand-painted with an angled gold tip. No animals were harmed in the making of this necklace.

What does ethically sourced mean?
Ethically sourced means that the materials used to make a product are obtained through responsible and sustainable methods. Our Eden Antler Necklace is made from antlers that have been shed through a natural process. Buying ethically sourced jewelry ensures that animals are protected from harm.


Scarves | Naturally Dyed, Fair Trade Goods
These colorful fair trade scarves are expertly woven by women from San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. By purchasing these fair trade goods, you can help us support women in our community and beyond.

What does fair trade mean?
Fair trade means that producers are paid a fair price for their work. We purchase fair trade goods from artisans around the world because we value a global mindset. Buying fair trade goods ensures that hard working individuals from around the globe are paid fairly for their work.


Dani Bahena Bustos, Meredith College Intern