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World Day Against Trafficking | Anti-Trafficking Organizations in North Carolina


Designed For Joy provides safe, dignified work for North Carolina's trafficking survivors.


Join the Global Effort Fighting Trafficking

As difficult as it is to imagine, modern-day slavery persists worldwide. Now known as human trafficking, these crimes exploit women, children and men for numerous purposes, including forced labour and sex. Human trafficking is now so prevalent, the United Nations (UN) selected July 30th as World Day Against Trafficking In Persons to raise public awareness for this humanitarian issue affecting every country in the world. 

According to the UN, traffickers continue to target women and girls, with most trafficked for sexual exploitation. Out of those trafficked for forced labor, 35 percent are female. The news is even more dire in war-torn areas. Armed groups easily take advantage of civilians, with traffickers often targeting those forcibly displaced and left with few options. 


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

The United Nations World Day Against Trafficking In Persons includes honoring first responders, such as law enforcement officers, social workers, healthcare professionals, non-governmental staff and others working around the world to protect the vulnerable. 

Across the globe, the current COVID-19 pandemic brought to light many socioeconomic and healthcare inequalities and put millions of people at higher trafficking risk for sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced marriage and other crimes. Women and girls are currently among the hardest hit by the pandemic and already comprise more than 70 percent of known human trafficking victims. 

Local Anti-Trafficking Events

While the UN works to raise awareness on an international scale, events are happening on the local level for those interested in helping put an end to trafficking. 

  • Tasha Levert, professional Counselor and Executive Director of Broom Tree Counseling, encourages the community to #RISEUP and #GET LOUD on July 30th in Holly Springs to #RISEUP against child sex trafficking. The demonstration will be held at the old Rite Aid parking lot, located at 251 North Main Street, Holly Springs from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. Register here at Our Rescue


The Recovery Side of Human Trafficking

Once rescued out of trafficking, a healing process must be available to help those move on and recover. Designed For Joy focuses on the recovery side for victims of human trafficking. We partner with long-running ministries or local non-governmental organizations serving women re-entering life from trafficking, emergency situations, generational poverty, homelessness, rehab, or prison. The power of community is key to our holistic-care approach. DFJ provides the vocational resource component while our professional partners offer a variety of resources and services to continue the healing process and set up victims to head towards a healthier path.

We provide living wage work hours producing our line of handbags and jewelry while building confidence and refreshing resumes. For us, a living wage means an income that empowers women with positive choices rather than making desperate decisions when trying to provide food for family and paying rent. Our goal is to launch equipped women into the marketplace. 

Help Empower Victims  

The work may seem daunting, but you can do more to help trafficking victims and prevent vulnerable people from being exploited by criminals. For World Day against Trafficking in Persons, pledge to work for inclusive societies and economies that leaves no one behind.

Fight trafficking by donating or volunteering through these North Carolina organizations: 

Designed For Joy

The Bridge International 

Shield NC

Salvation Army Project Fight


Purchase with Purpose. Provide safe, dignify work for trafficking survivors. Shop here. 





By Paige Hachet Jacob
Freelance writer and editor with work featured in North Carolina publications such as Newcomer, Life Health, Southern Bride & Groom, Wake Living, Walter Magazine and more.

Photo by 627 Photography